Why is my rank not increasing in Rocket League?

I've been winning a lot of matches but my rank is not increasing. Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding something?

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The ranking system in Rocket League can sometimes come across as complex and somewhat opaque, especially for newcomers. Here's a brief overview of how it essentially works: Rocket League uses a ranking system called Matchmaking Ranking (MMR) to determine your rank. Whenever you win a game, your MMR increases, and when you lose a game, it decreases. However, the amount it increases or decreases also depends on the MMR of the opponents you're playing against. If you're playing against opponents with considerably higher MMR than yours, you stand to gain more MMR from a victory (and lose less with defeat), and vice versa. Therefore, it might be the case that you're not noticing an immediate rank up because: 1. **MMR Gain/Loss Balance:** You might be gaining less MMR with victories and losing more MMR in defeats which may explain why there's little to no change in your overall rank despite winning a lot of matches. 2. **Win Streaks:** If you are indeed on a lengthy win streak, Rocket League's matchmaking algorithm could be lining you up against tougher opponents, affecting your MRM gain/loss ratio. 3. **Divisional Ranks:** Ranking up through divisions (the sub-categories within each major rank like bronze, silver, etc.) may not always be visible. A single ranking tier can comprise numerous divisions, and you need to advance through these divisions first before you can ascend to the next rank. 4. **Hidden MMR:** Your MMR is hidden in the game, which can give the impression of stagnancy in ranking. However, third-party tools like Tracker Network can help track MMR progression. It's also worth noting that there is a placement phase during the start of each season during which your rank might appear static. This is because the game is determining where to place you based on your skill level. Finally, bugs can never be entirely ruled out in any game, even though they're rather rare to experience in terms of ranking. If you believe you've encountered one, try reaching out to Rocket League's support for assistance. Remember that ranking up usually takes time and consistency in performance. So keep going, keep practicing, and soon enough you'll see yourself advancing in the ranks. Good luck!
Answered on September 9, 2023.
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