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Terms of Service
Usage Agreement

You accept the following Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by using our website.

The privilege of using this website can be revoked for any server or user if the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy of this Bot or the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or Community Guidelines of Discord gets violated.

The bot is allowed to collect data as described in the Privacy Policy.
Intended Age

Users under the minimal age of Discord's Terms of Service are not allowed to use this bot.

This Bot is not affiliated with, supported or made by Discord.

Breaking these Terms of Service won't make the owner of the bot liable.

These terms can be updated at any time by the owner of the bot. Any user can opt out of these new terms by removing the Bot from its own servers.

Privacy Policy
Data Usage

The bot stores the text prompts that are submitted via the /imagine command.

The prompts are never associated with a specific user, channel or guild. Aside from the text prompt, no information is ever stored by the bot.
Removal of Data

To request data removal of any kind, please contact: