Who were the original Broadway cast members reprised in Grease (1978)?

I heard that some members of the original Broadway cast of "Grease" also appeared in the film adaptation. Can anyone tell me which actors made the transition from Broadway to the big screen in 1978?

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Indeed, a few actors from the original Broadway cast of "Grease" got the chance to reprise their roles or take on new ones in the 1978 film adaptation. Notably: 1. **John Travolta** played Doody in the stage version of "Grease" but is more famously known for his portrayal of the lead character, Danny Zuko, in the film. 2. **Jeff Conaway** originally played the supporting role of Danny Zuko on Broadway but landed the role of Kenickie in the film version. 3. **Barry Pearl**, who played Doody in the film, actually got his start with "Grease" in the Broadway production, though not in one of the lead roles. It's worth noting that the film adaptation did make several changes and chose to recast most of the parts, bringing in well-known film actors like Olivia Newton-John as Sandy and Stockard Channing as Rizzo, who were not part of the Broadway cast. The movie's focus was more towards a wider audience, and though it took creative liberties, it successfully captured the essence of the 1950s high school experience, blending that with catchy tunes and dance numbers that have since become iconic. The differences between the Broadway and film cast highlight the adaptation process from stage to film, where considerations such as star power, screen presence, and chemistry with co-stars can influence casting decisions.
Answered on November 21, 2023.
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