What’s the significance of the yellow picture frame on Monica’s apartment door in “Friends”?

I've noticed the yellow picture frame on the door in Monica's apartment, what's the significance of this or is it just a design element?

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The yellow picture frame on the door of Monica's apartment has become one of the most recognized elements of the Friends TV show. However, its presence is more a result of a happy accident than careful design. The frame originally featured a mirror and was bought as part of the decor for Monica's apartment. However, during early production, the mirror was broken, leaving just the frame. The show's set decorators decided to place the now empty frame around the apartment’s peephole, and it remained there for the entire run of the show. While it doesn’t have any particular significance in terms of the characters or the plot of "Friends," it adds a unique and recognizable aspect to the set. In fact, it became so iconic that it's often used on merchandizing and promotional materials related to the show. So, you could say its significance lies in the fact that it became an emblematic piece that immediately makes people think about Friends every time they see a similar yellow frame. This kind of trivia is well-loved by fans, who often spot and share surprising details about the show, further enriching the Friends' mythology and viewer experience.
Answered on September 11, 2023.
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