What is the filming location for Narcos?

Narcos has an impressive set location. I wonder where it was filmed? Are they real locations in Colombia or built sets?

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"Narcos" is renowned for its authenticity, and a key element of that is the choice of filming locations. Season one and two of the acclaimed Netflix series were predominantly filmed in Colombia, primarily in the country's capital, Bogotá. Both real locations and constructed sets were utilized, lending to the show's overall ambiance and credibility. When depicting historical events or figures, shooting on location wherever possible was part of the show-runner’s ambition to maintain accuracy and immersive realism. Landmarks such as the Palacio de Justicia and the Hotel Tequendama in Bogotá played crucial roles in the series and are real locations. The filming for the third season, set after the death of Pablo Escobar and focusing on the Cali Cartel, continued in Colombia. Notably, filming took place in the city of Cali, the base of operations for the Cartel in the series. For "Narcos: Mexico," the spin-off series, the location shifted accordingly, and filming took place in Mexico, including in Mexico City. In conclusion, while there certainly were built sets for specific scenes, "Narcos" heavily utilized actual locations in Colombia for its initial series and later in Mexico for the "Narcos: Mexico", enhancing the show's authenticity and giving audiences a kinetic sense of reality.
Answered on September 14, 2023.
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