What is the difference between a list and a tuple in Python?

I have started learning Python and I can't seem to understand the difference between lists and tuples. Can anyone clarify this?

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Sure, the difference between lists and tuples in Python is quite central to understanding the language. Both lists and tuples are sequence types that can store a collection of items, but there are critical differences that set them apart. 1. **Mutability**: The most significant difference is that lists are mutable whereas tuples are immutable. This means you can change the contents of a list after it's been created by adding, removing, or changing elements. However, once a tuple is created, you cannot change it. If you need to add or remove elements, you'd have to create a new tuple. Here's an example: ```python # List -- mutable my_list = ['apple', 'banana', 'cherry'] my_list[1] = 'blueberry' print(my_list) # Output: ['apple', 'blueberry', 'cherry'] # Tuple --Immutable my_tuple = ('apple', 'banana', 'cherry') my_tuple[1] = 'blueberry' # This will raise a TypeError ``` 2. **Purpose and Usage**: Lists are meant to hold homogenous (similar type) items (though Python doesn't enforce this), which means it is often used to store multiple instances of the same kind. On the other hand, tuples are typically used to hold heterogeneous (different types) items — they can be thought of as a single object consisting of multiple parts. 3. **Function and Method Availability**: Since lists are mutable, they have many more built-in functions and methods you can use, such as `.append()`, `.remove()`, `.insert()`, `.sort()`, etc. Tuples have fewer functions, as they don't allow modifications. 4. **Performance**: Tuples can be more efficient than lists. If your data doesn't have to change, you should use tuples over lists because tuples are lighter and more performance-efficient. Understanding whether you want a mutable or immutable collection can help decide when you'd want to use a list versus a tuple. If you aren't going to modify the list of elements and all you'll be doing is iterating through the items, you can use tuples. For anything where you need to modify the list of items, you'll have to use a list.
Answered on September 2, 2023.
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