What hardware do I need to host a Minecraft server?

I have an old spare computer in my home

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To run a Minecraft server effectively, your hardware should meet minimum requirements: 1. **CPU**: Minecraft server primarily relies on the quality of the CPU. The server is single-threaded, meaning it performs one operation at a time. Hence high-frequency quad-core CPUs are recommended over low-frequency octa-core CPUs. A relative benchmark could be a newer i3 or a relatively older i5 or i7. 2. **RAM**: Requirements will vary depending on the size of your server. For a mini server with 1-4 players, a minimum of 1-2GB is necessary. However, larger servers with 50+ players need 6GB or more. Java is memory-heavy involving a considerable amount of garbage collection. 3. **Storage**: SSDs are recommended over HDDs due to faster read/write speed, which results in lower world save intervals and faster world loading. Disk size depends on the world size. Typically, 10-15GB should be sufficient for a small server. 4. **Network**: A stable and fast internet connection is essential. The upstream bandwidth matters more than the downstream one. For a small to medium server, a 5-10Mbps upload speed is recommended. However, this can vary significantly depending on the number of players and mods. 5. **OS**: Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and CentOS, as they have less overhead than Windows, are generally preferred for Minecraft servers. Remember, before you start, make sure your hardware will be able to handle the specifications of the game. If too stressed, the gameplay will be less enjoyable for yourself and others. Keep the server updated and secured. Good luck hosting!
Answered on July 17, 2023.
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