What does the teddy bear symbolize in Breaking Bad?

In many episodes of Breaking Bad, the pink teddy bear appears. Why is this bear constantly featured, and does it signify any deep meaning or symbolism?

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The pink teddy bear in Breaking Bad indeed carries a lot of symbolism and is often interpreted in several ways. 1. **Symbol of Destruction**: It can be seen as a symbol of destruction or consequences to the actions of Walter White. The teddy bear appears for the first time immediately after the mid-air collision of two airplanes caused indirectly by Walt's actions — when he refuses to save Jane Margolis, leading to her death, a chain reaction is set in motion resulting in the plane crash. The singed bear, missing an eye, hit by the fallout of the crash, mirrors the destructive consequences Walt's actions can have on others. In fact, the debris from the crash, including the bear, rains down on Walt's own home, signifying how these consequences directly impact him and his family later in the series. 2. **Loss of Innocence**: The pink teddy bear can symbolize the loss of innocence too, particularly in relation to Walt's transformation from a humble school teacher to a ruthless meth producer and dealer. Just like the bear, Walt can be seen as once innocent now tainted and disfigured by his journey into the criminal world. 3. **Foreshadowing**: The bear could also be taken as foreshadowing elements of the series, with its missing eye and burnt face representing damage and disfigurement that happens to various characters throughout the series. 4. **Color Symbolism**: Notably, the color of the bear can also be associated with similar colors used in the series. 'Breaking Bad' is well-known for its color symbolism. In this case, pink often represents care and thoughtfulness but also naivety and immaturity. It can be linked to Walter's infant daughter, Holly, who most often wears pink. 5. **Eye symbolism**: Lastly, the detached eye of the bear is noticed in multiple episodes, symbolizing the 'eye' of the universe, or moral conscience that constantly watches Walt's actions. In summary, like any good piece of symbolism, the teddy bear does not stand for one thing definitively. Its interpretations may vary among viewers, but its presence surely gives depth and layers to the narrative of the series.
Answered on September 2, 2023.
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