What does Demolition mean in Rocket League?

I encountered the term 'Demolition' in Rocket League and I don't understand its meaning. Can somebody help me out?

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Demolition, often abbreviated to "Demo", is a mechanic feature in the game Rocket League. When a player's car moves faster than a certain speed (roughly 95% of the car's maximum supersonic speed), it becomes imbued with a power known as the 'supersonic' state, visually indicated by a trail of energy from the exhaust and aural cues. If a player's supersonic car collides with an opponent's car from the side or the rear, the latter will be demolished, resulting in an explosion and re-spawning the demolished car back at its home base after a short time period (3 seconds by default). Demolishing an opponent's car temporarily removes them from play, thus can give an advantage in terms of control over the ball or securing a scoring opportunity. Demolition can also be a double-edged sword because it requires specific positioning and timing, so failing to execute it perfectly may leave your own team vulnerable. Note that demolitions are not possible in the 'casual' game modes' to provide a less intense experience for new players. I advise players to practice this skill in training and unranked matches to know when and how to utilize Demolition effectively. Remember, always keep an eye out for opportunities, but don't let the aim to demolish distract you from your main role in the game. Balance is key. Rocket League, like any competitive game, is about more than just mechanics; understanding how and when to use its features like Demolition can offer a real strategic advantage. I hope that clarifies! Enjoy hitting those goals – and opponents!
Answered on September 9, 2023.
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