What awards and nominations did Avatar (2009) receive?

I'm aware that Avatar (2009) was a major cinematic hit, but what honors and accolades did the movie earn?

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"Avatar" (2009) directed by James Cameron, was critically acclaimed and earned both significant awards and nominations. Some of them are: 1. Academy Awards: It won three Oscars in total. These were for Best Art Direction (Rick Carter, Robert Stromberg, Kim Sinclair), Best Cinematography (Mauro Fiore), and Best Visual Effects (Joe Letteri, Stephen Rosenbaum, Richard Baneham, Andrew R. Jones). The movie had also been nominated for six additional categories including Best Picture and Best Director. 2. Golden Globes: Avatar won Best Director for James Cameron and Best Motion Picture - Drama, with another nomination for Best Original Score. 3. BAFTA Awards: The film had eight nominations and won Best Production Design and Best Special Visual Effects. 4. Critics' Choice Movie Awards: It won Best Action Movie and Best Cinematography, and was nominated in another seven categories including Best Picture. 5. Saturn Awards: Avatar won ten awards including Best Science Fiction Film, Best Director for James Cameron, Best Actress for Zoe Saldana, and Best Special Effects. There are many more nominations and awards that the film received, but these are some of the largest honors. Avatar was indeed a landmark film, not only for its visual spectacle and immersive 3D effects but also for its contribution to modern filmmaking. Its impact on the film industry can still be seen today, over a decade after its release, and these awards are testament to its excellence.
Answered on September 9, 2023.
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