What are useful console commands in Half-Life 2?

I want to be more efficient by using console commands in Half-Life 2. What are some helpful commands and how can I use them?

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Half-Life 2, like many games developed on the Source Engine, has a robust system of console commands that can be used to tweak the game, enhance gameplay, or just have some fun. Here are some of the most useful console commands in Half-Life 2: 1. `sv_cheats 1`: Enables the use of cheat commands. Most commands that alter gameplay directly require this to be enabled. 2. `god`: Makes you invincible. sv_cheats must be enabled. 3. `noclip`: Allows you to fly around the map and pass through objects. Great for when you get stuck or if you want to explore. sv_cheats must be enabled. 4. `impulse 101`: Gives you all weapons and replenish health/ammo. It's considered a cheat command, so sv_cheats must be enabled. 5. `cl_showfps 1`: Displays your current frames per second (FPS) in the top left corner of the screen. Useful for benchmarking and performance tuning. 6. `mat_fullbright 1`: Sets the lighting to full brightness. It can help you see better in dark areas, but it will make the game look flat and unshaded. Change it back to 0 to revert it to normal. 7. `hud_quickhelp/text? 0`: These commands hide different parts of your HUD (Heads-Up Display). This can be useful for taking cleaner screenshots or for a more immersive experience. 8. `r_drawviewmodel 0/1`: This command is used to hide (0) or show (1) weapon models. It can be used for taking clear screenshots, reducing the screen clutter, or for a more cinematic gameplay experience. 9. `changelevel `: Immediately changes the level to the specified map. You can find the map names in the 'maps' folder where you installed Half-Life 2. 10. `bind `: This command binds a key to a specific command. For example, you could bind the "g" key to the "god" command like this: `bind g god`. Then, whenever you press "g", the "god" command would be activated. How to use console commands: To use these console commands, you first have to enable the developer console. You can do this by going to the Options > Keyboard > Advanced settings and ticking the "Enable developer console" box. The console can then be opened in-game by pressing the "~" key. When you type the commands into the console, be sure to hit Enter after each command to activate it. Some commands may require you to restart the game or load a new level to take effect. Please note that while these commands can be quite useful, they are also quite powerful, and should be used responsibly. Also, note that enabling the "sv_cheats 1" command or certain other commands could disable your ability to earn achievements during that play session. Always create a save file before using them if you care about achievements. Remember about the possible impact on your gaming experience. The use of console commands might alter the game's balance and even potentially spoil the enjoyment derived from the game. Use them wisely and have fun!
Answered on September 3, 2023.
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