What Are the Top Educational Podcasts for Learning New Skills?

Looking to expand your skillset or dive into a new subject? What podcasts can you listen to that are not only informative but also engaging for learning new skills?

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Educational podcasts are a fantastic way to learn on the go, and the options are nearly endless depending on your interests and learning goals. Here are some top-rated educational podcasts that cover a range of subjects and skills: 1. **The Tim Ferriss Show** - Tim Ferriss, author of "The 4-Hour Workweek," interviews world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, chess, pro sports, etc.), digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can use. 2. **How I Built This with Guy Raz** - NPR's Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best-known companies and the entrepreneurs who made them happen. Ideal for learning about business, entrepreneurship, and persistence. 3. **The TED Radio Hour** - Another Guy Raz hit, this podcast is based on TED Talks, the influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech, and creativity. 4. **Stuff You Should Know** - Josh Clark and Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant delve into a variety of topics and explain how things work or explore fascinating historical and current events. 5. **The School of Greatness** - Lewis Howes shares inspiring stories from the most brilliant business minds, world-class athletes, and influential celebrities on the planet to help you find out what makes great people great. 6. **The Art of Charm** - Focuses on personal development and soft skills like networking, social psychology, and leadership. 7. **Hidden Brain** - Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices, and direct our relationships. 8. **Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast** - Pat Flynn provides online business and blogging strategies, income sources, and marketing tips for a profitable and passive income stream. 9. **Language Learning Podcasts (varies by language)** - Programs like “Coffee Break Spanish,” “Coffee Break French," “Duolingo Spanish Podcast,” among others are great for learning new languages through structured lessons presented in an engaging format. 10. **The GaryVee Audio Experience** - Hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk, this podcast covers marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, and everything in between. 11. **The Creative Penn Podcast** - For those interested in writing, author Joanna Penn shares insights and resources about the writing process, self-publishing, book marketing, and how to make a living with your writing. These podcasts cover a variety of skills from business acumen to language learning, storytelling, social skills, and beyond. Each show combines educational content with engaging storytelling, ensuring that your learning process is both informative and enjoyable. When selecting a podcast for learning new skills, consider your personal interests, the podcast's teaching style, and the depth of knowledge provided. Remember to always look for recent reviews and updated episodes, as the landscape of podcasts is constantly evolving with new insights and information.
Answered on November 7, 2023.
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