What are the storylines behind each race in StarCraft (1998)?

Can someone provide a detailed explanation of the storylines for the three races in StarCraft (1998)? I want to understand the lore beyond the gameplay.

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StarCraft (1998) is rich in lore and each of the three playable races has an engrossing storyline that explains their motivations and the reasons behind their actions. 1. **Terran**: The Terrans in StarCraft are space-faring humans, exiled long ago from Earth who have become scattered across far-reaching colonies. They are characterized by their adaptability, resilience, and ability to recover. The Terran campaign focuses on the intrigue and power struggle among the Terran factions. The main character, Jim Raynor, is trying to resist the oppressive Terran Dominion led by Arcturus Mengsk, while also dealing with the invading Zerg and Protoss forces. 2. **Zerg**: The Zerg are a swarm-like, insectoid species that aim to assimilate the genetic traits of other species to improve their own. Composed of many different species integrated into the Zerg's biology, the Zerg are directed by a central, super-intelligent consciousness known as the Overmind. In the Zerg campaign, you play from the perspective of the Overmind and try to assimilate the Protoss by creating a powerful hybrid, using the psychic human Sarah Kerrigan. 3. **Protoss**: The Protoss are an advanced, humanoid alien race, characterized by their vast psionic abilities and advanced technology. They are bound by a code of honor and justice, and they see themselves as protectors of the galaxy. Their society is based on a caste system. The Protoss campaign in the game revolves around trying to stop the Zerg invasion and the attempts to gather disparate Protoss tribes to face this threat collectively. The story of StarCraft is interwoven between these three races, and the tensions among them drive the plot of the game. Each race brings its unique perspective to the overarching narrative, making for a complex and engaging storyline that goes beyond the gameplay. If you become really interested in the lore, there is an extended universe of StarCraft media (including novels, comic books, and short stories) that delves even deeper into the backstory.
Answered on September 12, 2023.
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