What Are Some Advanced Strategies for Portal 2?

I've completed Portal 2 but I'm looking to hone my skills with some advanced strategies. Does anyone have any tips or advice?

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Sure, here's a collection of advanced strategies that can help improve your skills in Portal 2: 1. **Understand Momentum**: Portal 2 heavily utilizes the concept of 'conservation of momentum.' So, remember the basic physics rule: what goes up, must come down. This is the key for 'flinging', where you can jump into a portal from a height to generate momentum and use it to reach distant platforms. 2. **Seek Angles**: There are times when firing portals on the ground may not prove fruitful. In those situations, think about firing the portals on walls or even the ceiling. You’d be amazed how changing your angle can suddenly make a solution clear. 3. **Master Aerial Faith Plates**: These act like catapults that can launch you towards your destination. But you can also create portals while you're in the mid-air to reach places that are far off. This requires practice, especially on timing. 4. **Smart Use of Gels**: Each gel in Portal 2 has its own physics. Orange gel is speed gel that helps you to shoot across rooms quickly, blue bouncy gel helps to reach high places, and white conversion gel helps to make unportalable surfaces portalable. Use them wisely. 5. **Patience With Laser Beams and Cubes**: Laser redirection is a key element in many puzzles. Redirecting beams properly could clear your way out. Cubes are usually used to redirect these laser beams. Place them properly and aim accurately to unlock doors or activate devices. 6. **Use the Buddy System**: In the cooperative mode, communication, coordination and mutual understanding with your partner becomes very crucial. Both players have to synchronize their actions to solve puzzles, so make sure you're communicating your strategies effectively. 7. **Explore**: Portal 2 environments are full of secret nooks and crannies, Easter eggs, and hidden areas. Exploring can give you a better understanding of the environment, which can lead to the discovery of the intended path onward. 8. **Observe Your Surroundings**: Often the solutions lies in the room itself abruptly or hidden. Pan your camera around every time you enter a new area. Take a moment to survey which tools (such as barriers, light bridges, cubes, etc.) are available to you and how they might be used to their maximum potential. Remember, Portal 2 is a game of logic and creativity. It's perfectly fine if you take some time to solve the challenging puzzles. The more you use these strategies, the more intuitive they will become. So, dock in more play hours, keep these strategies in mind, and hone your skills. Happy gaming!
Answered on September 3, 2023.
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