How to use Track Changes in Microsoft Word?

I am collaborating on a document and need to review and propose edits. How can I use the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word for this purpose?

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Sure, happy to help you with that. Track Changes is a powerful feature in Microsoft Word that allows multiple persons to collaborate on a document effectively. Here's a step-by-step guide: 1. **Enable Track Changes:** Open the document you want to review. On the menu bar, navigate to `Review` > `Track Changes`. Click on `Track Changes` to turn it on. When this feature is enabled, any changes you make to the document will be noted. 2. **Making Edits:** Now, start to review the document. As you insert, delete, replace, or format text, Word will record your changes. Deleted text will be marked with strikethrough, while added text will be underlined. You can also add comments to the document via `Review` > `New Comment`. 3. **Reviewing Changes:** Once you're done, or if you're reviewing someone else's changes, you can go through each change individually. Navigate to `Review` > `Next` to view the changes one by one. Click `Accept` if you're okay with the change, and `Reject` if not. 4. **Show Markup Options:** If you want to customize how Word shows tracked changes, navigate to `Review` > `Tracking` > `Show Markup`. Here, you can decide which types of changes to display, among other options. 5. **Finalizing the Document:** Once all changes have been reviewed, you can clean up the document. Go to `Review` > `Accept` > `Accept All Changes`. This will apply all approved changes to the document. Alternatively, `Reject All Changes` will discard them. It's important to note that you can protect your document to ensure that changes aren't made without Track Changes being turned on. This can be done via `Review` > `Protect Document` > `Protect your document` > `Always Track Changes`. Remember that even though Track Changes is a great tool for collaboration, it's a good idea to finalize all revisions then disable tracking before sharing the final version. Lastly, while using Track Changes, be cautious about sensitive information as all changes, including the deletions, will be visible until they're accepted or rejected.
Answered on August 25, 2023.
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