How to Update Google Chrome to the Latest Version?

What are the steps to update my Google Chrome to the latest version?

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Keeping your internet browser up-to-date is crucial for your online security and the perfect functioning of your web pages. Here is a step-by-step guide for updating your Google Chrome browser to the latest version: 1. Open your Google Chrome browser. 2. Click on the 'Three Dots' on the top-right corner of the browser window. They represent the menu. 3. A dropdown menu will appear, hover over 'Help' and click on 'About Google Chrome' in the upcoming submenu. 4. You will now be redirected to a new tab. Here, Google Chrome automatically checks for updates when you're on this page. 5. If Chrome detects that a new update is available, it will start downloading it automatically. 6. Once the update is downloaded, you will see a prompt for relaunching the browser to apply the update. 7. Click ‘Relaunch’, and wait for Chrome to restart. Chrome will open the tabs that were open prior to the relaunch. Remember: Updating Chrome as soon as an update is available is vital to keep your browsing secure and efficient. Google releases updates for Chrome approximately every six weeks, so check frequently to make sure you're always running the latest version. You can also enable automatic updates if supported by your device, to ensure you don't miss one. It's worth noting that if you're using a company device and the company controls updates, you may not be able to manually update Google Chrome. If you're having troubles updating, it might be best to talk to your IT department. For people using Chrome on Android or iOS mobile devices, the process is different. You will need to update through Google Play Store or Apple App Store, respectively. Also, dedicated Chromebook users will need to update their entire operating system to update Google Chrome. This is done by clicking the bottom-right corner of the desktop and then clicking on the 'Settings' icon. From there, you will find the 'About Chrome OS' option which will allow you to check for system updates. I hope this helps! Happy browsing!
Answered on August 25, 2023.
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