How to solve SyntaxError in Python?

I received a SyntaxError in my Python code, but I'm unsure how to fix it. Can anyone explain what this error means and suggest steps to debug and overcome it?

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A `SyntaxError` in Python means that the Python interpreter is unable to understand your code because it is not properly formatted or incorrect according to Python's language rules. Here are steps you can take to debug and fix `SyntaxError`: 1. **Read the error message**: Python `SyntaxError` also provides an error message, which can give you a hint about what's wrong. It often points to the exact line and place in the line where the error occurred. 2. **Check your syntax**: Python syntax rules must be followed for the code to be executed. Check for common syntactical issues such as: - Unbalanced parentheses, braces, brackets, quotes or improper use of the colon. - Mixing tabs and spaces for indentation. - Code written in wrong language version (Python 2 vs Python 3). 3. **Use a IDE/Text editor**: Most modern Python IDEs or text-editors have syntax highlighting and linting which can catch `SyntaxError` before execution of the code. 4. **Break Down Your Code**: If your script is long, break it down. Comment out some parts and run it again. This may help pinpoint where the error is coming from. 5. **Consult Python Documentation**: If you're using a new Python function or feature for the first time and encountering errors, check out its usage in Python Documentation. Remember, every developer, regardless of experience, encounters syntax errors. It's a normal part of programming. Keep debugging!
Answered on July 17, 2023.
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