How to incorporate audio recordings in a PowerPoint presentation?

I need to include voice-over audio in my PowerPoint presentation. What is the procedure to add audio recordings to a PowerPoint?

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Incorporating audio recordings in PowerPoint isn't as complex as it might initially seem. Here's a step-by-step guide of how to go about adding voiceover or any audio recordings to your PowerPoint presentation: 1. Open your PowerPoint presentation. 2. Click on the slide where you want the audio recording to start. 3. Click on the 'Insert' tab in the toolbar at the top of the PowerPoint. 4. In the 'Media' section on the far right of the toolbar, click on 'Audio' and a drop-down list will appear. 5. From the drop-down list, you can pick from two options: * 'Audio on My PC' if you have a pre-recorded audio file: 1. You then navigate to where you've saved your audio file on your PC 2. Click on the file to select it 3. Press the 'Insert' button. * 'Record Audio' if you want to record a fresh voiceover: 1. Once you click on 'Record Audio', a small window named 'Record Sound' will appear 2. You can then click the record button (it's a red circle) to start recording 3. When you are done, click the stop button (a square in the same button space) 4. Write a name for your recording in the 'Name' text box 5. Press the 'OK' button to end. 6. Once you have inserted the audio, you can click-and-drag to move the audio icon anywhere on your slide for aesthetic purposes. Remember the audio isn't tied to the position of the icon. 7. You can adjust the audio settings by clicking on the icon to bring up the Audio Tools tab, and under the Playback tab, you can modify settings like: * Start: You can set when the audio should start playing. It could be 'On Click', 'Automatically', or 'When Clicked On'. * Play Across Slides: This option allows the audio to continue playing across different slides. * Loop until Stopped: The audio will play in a loop until you manually stop it or end the presentation. Remember to save your presentation to retain these changes. Do test your presentation before any formal event to ensure the audio plays as expected. If the audio is being played on a different device, ensure the file has also been transferred - PowerPoint does not embed the audio file into the presentation by default. This answer aims to be evergreen, however, do note that the exact tabs and options can vary slightly with different versions of PowerPoint.
Answered on August 25, 2023.
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