How does the scoring system work in Rocket League?

I am a bit confused about the scoring system in Rocket League. How is the score calculated?

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The scoring system in Rocket League is fairly detailed, weight-based system that assigns various points for different types of actions during the game. Here's a basic breakdown of how it works: 1. **Goals**: The most significant contribution to your score is goals. Each goal you score is worth 100 points. 2. **Assists**: If you touch the ball and a teammate scores a goal shortly after, you are credited with an assist, which gives you 50 points. 3. **Saves**: If an opponent's shot is heading for your goal and you manage to knock it away, you are credited with a save. This nets you 50 points. 4. **Shots on Goal**: If you shoot the ball towards your opponent's goal and it would have gone in if not for an intervening action by a player on the other team, you're credited with a 'shot on goal', which gives you 30 points. 5. **Epic Saves**: A more demanding type of save is the 'epic save'. These are worth 60 points and involve preventing a ball from entering your goal when it's very close to the goal line. 6. **Clear Balls**: Clearing the ball away from your half of the stadium grants you 20 points. 7. **Center Ball**: Sending the ball to the center of the field from the side in the opponent's half grants you 20 points. 8. **Aerial Hits**: Any contact with the ball that happens while your car is in mid-air and not too close to the ground gives 10 points. 9. **Bicycle Hits**: If you manage to hit the ball while in the process of performing a bicycle kick, you will be awarded 10 points. 10. **Demolitions**: Destroying an enemy car by boosting into it at full speed grants you 20 points. Additionally, there are smaller actions that can grant points such as 'Juggle' (10 points), 'Backwards Goal'(20 points), 'Long Goal'(20 points) and so on. Remember though, points don't directly affect the result of the game - they're more an indication of personal performance, and can also dictate the MVP (Most Valuable Player) in a match. It's entirely possible for a player with fewer points to win a game, as the sole measure of victory in Rocket League is the number of goals scored. Hope this clears up how the scoring system works in Rocket League. Happy Gaming!
Answered on September 9, 2023.
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