How do you create a fillable form in Microsoft Word?

I need to create a form in Microsoft Word which others can fill out digitally. How can I go about creating a fillable form?

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Creating a fillable form in Microsoft Word is a straightforward process and requires the use of the "Forms" tools in the program. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating your fillable form: 1. **Open a New Document**: Launch Microsoft Word, then create a new document that will house your fillable form. 2. **Enable "Developer" Tab**: You'll need the Developer tab for form controls, it isn't visible by default. To enable it: - Click "File" in the top left. - Choose "Options". - In the Word Options dialog that appears, choose "Customize Ribbon". - Under the 'Customize the Ribbon' list, select "Main Tabs", check "Developer" and click "OK". 3. **Design Your Form**: Layout your form like any other Word document. For places where you want fillable items, leave spaces. 4. **Insert Form Fields**: This is done using the "Developer" tab: - Checkbox: If you want to insert a checkbox, click the "Checkbox" content control under Developer tab. - Text Fields: Use the "Text" control for fillable text. You have variety here—plain text fields, date picker controls, combo boxes and more. - Drop-Down List: If you need a drop-down menu, choose the "Drop-Down List" control. 5. **Edit Placeholder Text**: Most fields allow you to edit placeholder text, helping users know what information should go in each field. 6. **Protect Your Form**: To make sure users can only fill out the form fields, and not edit the rest of the document: - Under the "Developer" tab, click on "Restrict Editing". - On the right side that opens, under 'Editing Restrictions', check "Allow only this type of editing in the document" and select "Filling in forms" from the dropdown. - Click "Yes, Start Enforcing Protection". You can choose to password protect your form. 7. **Save and Distribute Your Form**: Save your document to your desired location. Make sure to leave an original, unlocked copy of the form in case you need to make edits later. Your users are now able to fill out the form in Word, and you'll be able to collect their information digitally. Remember, Microsoft Word might not be the best tool for complex forms, you might want to explore dedicated form creation tools or software for complex use cases.
Answered on August 25, 2023.
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