How do I find the best gear in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?

What are the best strategies and locations for acquiring the highest quality gear and weapons in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?

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To obtain the best gear in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you'll want to focus on several different approaches. Here are the strategies and locations to consider: 1. **Witcher Gear Sets** - These are the best equipment pieces in the game. There are different Witcher Schools (Griffin, Bear, Cat, Wolf, and Manticore) each providing different bonuses and play styles. - You find them through Scavenger Hunts—these quests can be found by purchasing maps from various merchants or by stumbling upon one of the set pieces or diagrams while exploring. - Each set has multiple upgrade levels: Basic, Enhanced, Superior, Mastercrafted, and Grandmaster (Blood and Wine expansion only). - Check blacksmiths and armorers throughout the world to find maps that start these Scavenger Hunts. 2. **Relic Weapons and Armor** - Relic items are randomly generated and can be found as you explore the world, in hidden treasure chests, or can be dropped from particularly strong enemies and bosses. - The stats of these items are usually superior to common gear, though they are often suited for specific builds or situations. 3. **Crafting** - Finding the right blacksmith or armorer is key, as different craftsmen have different skill levels. For Mastercrafted gear, you need to find a master-level blacksmith and armorer. - Materials for crafting can be looted, purchased, or dismantled from other items. 4. **Runewords and Glyphwords (Hearts of Stone expansion)** - With the Hearts of Stone expansion, you can add special enhancements to your gear which can greatly affect your combat capabilities. - These enhancements require a visit to the Runewright and a significant investment of in-game currency to unlock the highest tier enhancements. 5. **Regular Looting and Exploring** - Always be on the lookout for hidden treasures, especially those guarded by powerful monsters or those located in tricky to navigate areas—these can sometimes yield great gear. - Check the notice boards periodically, as new points of interest are added over time. 6. **Joining the Big Leagues (Blood and Wine expansion)** - If you have the Blood and Wine expansion, strive to complete the Grandmaster Witcher set. Visit the Grandmaster Smith in Toussaint. - Besides Grandmaster gear, the expansion also includes unique gear tied to the region of Toussaint that can rival or exceed the best that the base game has to offer. 7. **Enemy Loot** - High-level enemies and bosses can drop valuable equipment pieces, particularly in later stages of the game. 8. **Buying from Merchants** - Although merchants often don’t carry the best gear, sometimes they have rare items that can be quite powerful, especially if your current gear is outdated. 9. **Quest Rewards** - Complete side quests and Witcher contracts for a chance at earning unique and powerful gear. Remember, the best gear often requires you to be at a certain level to wield it effectively. You should also regularly enhance your equipment with runes, glyphs and oils to maximize your combat effectiveness. Finally, don't forget to adapt your gear to your play style and the types of enemies you're facing. Different situations might require different gears and strategies. Happy hunting!
Answered on June 11, 2024.
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