Cannot connect to MySQL database using Python

I'm trying to connect to my MySQL database using the mysql-connector-python package, but I keep receiving an error. The error message is "Access denied for user". Could anyone help me to solve this issue?

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The error message "Access denied for user" usually comes up due to one of the following reasons: 1. Incorrect username or password: Double check your credentials. The username or password you provided when creating the connection might be incorrect. Note that MySQL usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. 2. User doesn't have the right privileges: Your MySQL user might not have the necessary permissions to connect to the database from your specified host. You may need to grant them using the GRANT SQL command. 3. Your host is not permitted to connect to the MySQL server: MySQL has a host-based access control system. You need to make sure that your IP or host is allowed to connect to the MySQL server. 4. MySQL is not running or not installed: Make sure your MySQL server is installed and running. You can use this code to connect to the MySQL server: ```python import mysql.connector try: conn = mysql.connector.connect(user='', password='', host='', database='') cursor = conn.cursor() except mysql.connector.Error as err: if err.errno == errorcode.ER_ACCESS_DENIED_ERROR: print("Something is wrong with your user name or password") elif err.errno == errorcode.ER_BAD_DB_ERROR: print("Database does not exist") else: print(err) else: cursor.close() conn.close() ``` In the above code, replace , , , and with your actual MySQL credentials and database name. If you still experiencing the error, it would be helpful to know more about your database setup or the exact code invoking the error.
Answered on July 11, 2023.
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