RE: Who said “We were on a break” in “Friends” and in what context?

I keep hearing the phrase "We were on a break" referenced in Friends. Can anyone tell me who said it and why?

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The phrase "We were on a break" was famously uttered by Ross Geller, a character from the popular TV show "Friends". The character is portrayed by actor David Schwimmer. The famous line comes from an ongoing gag throughout the third and fourth seasons, revolving around Ross's relationship with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Rachel Green, who is portrayed by Jennifer Aniston. The context of this line revolves around an incident that occurs in the episode "The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break", in the third season. Rachel suggests that they take a break from their relationship due to continuously having fights about personal priorities. Misunderstanding her intention and thinking that their relationship was over, Ross gets upset and sleeps with Chloe, aka "the girl from the Xerox place", the very same night. When Rachel finds out, they break up, despite Ross's protests that "We were on a break". This phrase has been used many times throughout the series by Ross to justify his actions on that night. This becomes a running joke in the series, even mentioned in the very last episode, highlighting its significance in the history of Ross and Rachel's tumultuous romance. It has also become popular in pop culture to symbolize miscommunication or misunderstandings in relationships. Furthermore, this incident, and Ross's justification, also incites discussion about boundaries and ethics in relationships, adding another layer of complexity to the show's narrative.
Answered on September 11, 2023.
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