RE: Which hardware do I need to install and run a minecraft server?

I have a dual core PC

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To run a Minecraft server, the hardware requirements can vary depending on the server’s player load and installed mods. **Basic requirements:** Your current dual-core PC should be adequate to run a small-sized Minecraft server (up to 10 players), assuming you have at least 2GB to 3GB of RAM dedicated for Minecraft, and your system isn't heavily loaded with other software. **Recommended specification:** For a server hosting around 20 players or more, the minimum would be a quad-core CPU, along with 4GB - 6GB of RAM dedicated to Minecraft. A SSD is also highly recommended as it dramatically improves the speed at which the server can access the game's data. It's essential to note that running a Minecraft server also requires a consistent and stable high-speed internet connection as upload speed can be a bottleneck, especially if you plan on having many players. **Software Requirements:** Minecraft servers can be run on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS. The system should have Java installed (Minecraft uses Java SE), many prefer the use of java 8. Remember, meeting hardware requirements is only half the battle, setting up and configuring the server properly is equally important. Be wary of potential security risks and manage your firewall settings carefully during setup. Monitor your game's performance and adjust accordingly after you have it up and running. Hardware needs can vary greatly depending on the way you or your players use the Minecraft server.
Answered on August 2, 2023.
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