RE: Microsoft Word: How to Insert Page Numbers?

I am writing a lengthy essay in Microsoft Word and need to include page numbers. Can someone guide me through the process of how to insert page numbers?

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Sure, adding page numbers to your Microsoft Word document is a straightforward process. You can insert page numbers in the header or footer of your document or even at the current cursor position. Here are the steps to achieve this: 1. Open your Microsoft Word document. 2. Navigate to the 'Insert' tab which is present in the ribbon on the top of your window. 3. On the 'Insert' tab, you will find an option titled 'Page Number'. Click on it. 4. You'll see a drop-down menu with several options such as "Top of Page", "Bottom of Page", "Margin", and "Current Position". You can choose where you want the page numbers to appear based on these options. 5. After you've selected a location, you'll then choose the specific formatting of the numbers. Microsoft Word offers several preformatted styles for page numbers, from simple numbers to Roman numerals and more. 6. Click on your preferred style, and the page number should appear in your chosen location. This procedure should add page numbers to all pages of your documents. For more complex numbering style (like starting at a specific page or different number), check the 'Format Page Numbers' option in the Page Number drop-down menu. Remember, in some versions of Microsoft Word, the page numbers get inserted immediately when you open the 'Page Number' drop-down menu. In this case, just navigate to where you'd like the page number, and it'll be inserted there. For someone viewing this answer in the future, if your interface is different due to another version of Word or updates, try searching for 'Page Numbers' in the Help tool of Word. The general process should be quite similar.
Answered on August 25, 2023.
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