RE: How to fly with Elytra in Minecraft?


Bobbel Asked on November 21, 2023 in uncategorized.
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To fly with an Elytra in Minecraft, follow these steps: 1. **Find an Elytra**: Elytras can be found in the End dimension, more specifically in an End City. Look for a floating ship (End Ship) near the city and you will find the Elytra hanging in an item frame inside the ship. 2. **Equip the Elytra**: Place the Elytra in your character's chestplate armor slot through your inventory screen. 3. **Get to a High Altitude**: To start flying, you need to start from a high place. This can be anything from a mountain, a tall structure you built, or you can use ender pearls or a water bucket to get up a tower. 4. **Jump and Activate Glide**: Run off the edge and quickly press the jump button again (spacebar on PC, 'X' on PS, 'A' on Xbox, or the jump button on other devices). Your character will spread their arms, and the Elytra will activate. 5. **Control Your Flight**: Look upwards to gain altitude (but know that this slows you down) and downwards to gain speed but lose height. Use the left stick (or mouse on PC) to steer in the direction you wish to go. 6. **To Land Safely**: Glide downward and as you approach the ground, aim your character's line of sight slightly upward to level out and slow down your glide, allowing you to land gently. **Tips for Advanced Elytra Use:** - **Firework Rockets**: Use firework rockets by holding them in your hand and using them while flying to boost yourself through the air. - **Enchantments**: Apply the Unbreaking and Mending enchantments to your Elytra via an anvil and enchanted books to make them last longer. The Unbreaking enchantment gives a chance for the durability to not decrease, while Mending uses your collected experience points to repair your Elytra. - **Third-Person View**: Some players find it easier to navigate while using Elytra by changing the camera to third-person view. - **Practice**: It might take a bit of practice to master the use of Elytra, especially when it comes to precise landings and using firework rockets to boost your flight time. Remember that Elytras have durability and can break, so keeping an eye on their condition and repairing them using phantom membranes or combining damaged Elytras on an anvil is essential to ensure that you don't suddenly lose the ability to glide mid-flight.
Answered on November 21, 2023.
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