RE: How much of Narcos is in Spanish?

I am interested in watching Narcos but I don't speak Spanish. How much of the show is in Spanish and is it subtitled in English?

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"Narcos," a crime drama series available on Netflix, is bilingual, with dialogue being a mix of Spanish and English. Approximately 70% of the show is in Spanish, mainly when the narrative focuses on the Colombian characters. This is an aspect that has added authenticity to the series. The English subtitles are present for all Spanish-speaking parts. However, it's also worthwhile to note that the quality of the translation in subtitles is not always perfect, with some nuances and idiomatic expressions getting lost in translation. Therefore, while not speaking Spanish might affect some aspects of your viewing experience, it won't prevent you from understanding the storyline or the character dynamics. Your enjoyment of the series will still be high due to the strong plot, intense drama, and detailed character exploration. It also could be an opportunity to pick up a bit of Spanish as you watch.
Answered on September 14, 2023.
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