RE: How can I install Rstudio on ubuntu?

I can't seem to find it in the package sources

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You can install RStudio on Ubuntu by downloading the appropriate version from the RStudio website and then using dpkg to install it. Here are the steps: 1. Check the version of Ubuntu you're running by typing the following command in your terminal: `lsb_release -a` 2. Visit the RStudio Download page on their official website: 3. Choose the appropriate version for your system. They usually list Ubuntu 14/16 and Ubuntu 12 versions. If your Ubuntu is above 16.04, use Ubuntu 14/16. 4. Download the .deb file. You can do so manually, or in terminal using the `wget` command like so: ``` wget ``` 5. Once the download is complete, navigate to the directory where the .deb file has downloaded. 6. Use the `dpkg` command to install the package: ``` sudo dpkg -i rstudio-1.4.1106-amd64.deb ``` 7. If you encounter missing dependencies, please use the command: ``` sudo apt-get install -f ``` This command will fix missing dependencies issues. 8. You should now be able to start RStudio from the terminal or your applications list. Remember to replace `rstudio-1.4.1106-amd64.deb` with the name of the downloaded file. It's worth noting that RStudio is not in the standard Ubuntu packages, and hence why it isn't directly installable with the `apt-get install` command. So you need to download it from their site and install manually as described above. Updating can be done by simply downloading the new .deb file and repeating the process. The older version will automatically be replaced by the newer version.
Answered on July 11, 2023.
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