RE: How can I install Rstudio on ubuntu?

I can't seem to find it in the package sources

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You can install RStudio in Ubuntu through the terminal with the following steps: 1. Update your system's package list by running `sudo apt-get update`. 2. You will need to have R language installed, if not then you can install it using the following command: `sudo apt-get install r-base`. 3. You can download the RStudio .deb package from the RStudio downloads page ( according to your system architecture (32bit or 64bit). Use `wget` followed by the URL of the download link to do this via terminal. Note: Replace 'download-link' with the link you copied. `wget download-link` 4. After downloading the .deb package, navigate to the path where the .deb file is downloaded. You can then use dpkg to install it, for example: `sudo dpkg -i rstudio-1.2.5019-amd64.deb` Replace `rstudio-1.2.5019-amd64.deb` with your specific filename. 5. If you encounter any dependency issues while installing, you can run the following command to resolve them: `sudo apt-get install -f` 6. Now, just search for RStudio in your applications and start using it. Remember to replace the RStudio version in the instructions with the version you're installing.
Answered on July 11, 2023.
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