RE: Why did George Costanza’s character change in ‘Seinfeld’?

As I watched 'Seinfeld', I noticed that there's a dramatic shift in George Costanza's character. Any thoughts on why the creators decided to change his character's trajectory?

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George Costanza was one of the most notable characters in 'Seinfeld' and his character arc is indicative of the show's ability to evolve and adapt over time. Here are a few reasons why his character may have changed: 1. Character Development: Over the course of nine seasons, character development is not only expected, but often necessary to maintain audience interest. Seinfeld was not an exception. As the writers, including Larry David, who famously based George on himself, developed George's character and the show further, they took him to new comedic heights, often amplifying his characteristics for greater laughs. This involved making him more neurotic, more self-involved, and generally pushing him into more complex and downright absurd situations. 2. Increased Screentime: As Jason Alexander's performance gained popularity, the writers likely decided to give him more screen time, and with larger storylines came new dimensions to his character. For instance, George went from a low-level real estate agent to working for the New York Yankees. These larger plot arcs required the character to evolve. 3. Emotional Depth: While 'Seinfeld' is known as being "the show about nothing", there were still moments of emotion and depth to the characters, even though they behaved selfishly most of the time. Over time, we explore more about George's past, his relationship with his family, and his romantic relationships. This adds to his complexity. 4. Comedy: Ultimately, 'Seinfeld' is a comedy. George's increased neuroticism, bad luck, and outrageous lies only heightened the comedic value of his character. He was adored by the audience as much as he was pitied, which is a testament to the superb writing and Alexander's acting. In essence, changing George Costanza's character was necessary for 'Seinfeld' to grow and remain appealing. It allowed for new storylines and more comedic opportunities, keeping viewers invested and entertained throughout its long run.
Answered on September 3, 2023.
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