RE: Why Am I Unable to Complete Level 10 in Portal 2?

I've been stuck on level 10 of Portal 2 for ages. No matter what I try, I just can't seem to solve it. Any advice?

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It's difficult to offer precise advice without having a clear understanding of where you're stuck on Level 10 (Chapter 6: The Fall) in Portal 2. Nevertheless, I will provide a general walkthrough of that level which should help guide you to your solution. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to complete Level 10: 1. Once you drop down after Wheatley's betrayal, you will come across a row of doors. Keep moving until you reach an open office area. 2. Turn right and look up and to your left to spot a white wall behind grating. Shoot a portal there and another one on a nearby white wall to get to this area. 3. From here, you will drop down to an area which features a white wall with 'DO NOT ENTER' signs. Shoot a portal here and look back towards the fenced area. You should see a slightly slanted wall where you can place your other portal. This will enable you to use your momentum to launch across the gap. 4. After landing, you will be facing a wall with painted images. Follow that wall around until you come into a room with stairs. 5. As you ascend the stairs, they will collapse, thus you will need to use your portal gun to reach the top. 6. Follow the catwalk until it breaks. You will see an area to your right to portal to. Continue to do this until you reach an office room. 7. Look out for a giant mechanical door, behind it is a ledge where you can shoot a portal. Then, look to the wall opposite the door, shoot another portal there, and go through it. 8. Once you arrive at a water body, go straight till you meet Cave Johnson’s prerecorded message. Portal to the walkway above and enter the control room. Hit the red button and wait for the Propulsion Gel to splat into the Art Therapy area below. 9. Shoot your portal at the blue-painted ramp. Then place the exit portal on the floor to spread more Propulsion Gel. Now, run and jump off the blue-painted ramp across the Art Therapy ward. 10. Continue through the doors to the lift to complete the level. Dying a lot on a level or taking a long time to complete it is all part of testing and Portal 2's design. Don’t get discouraged - even experienced players get stuck sometimes. The game is designed to challenge you and make you think creatively. Sometimes, the only way to progress is to try every possibility until you find one that works. And remember, practice makes perfect!
Answered on September 3, 2023.
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