RE: Who were all of Joey’s roommates in “Friends”?

During the course of the show "Friends", Joey has several roommates. Can someone tell me who all of them were?

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Joey Tribbiani, one of the main characters on the popular TV show "Friends", indeed has several different roommates throughout the ten seasons. His various roommates are a factor in some major storylines and often contribute significantly to the show's humor. The list of Joey's roommates includes: 1. **Chandler Bing**: Chandler is Joey's most long-term roommate. They live together for most of the series. Their apartment—Apartment 19, later renumbered as Apartment 7—is an iconic location in the show. Chandler moves out in Season 6 when he moves in with Monica but returns as Joey's roommate after his breakup with Janine. 2. **Janine Lecroix**: Played by Elle Macpherson, Janine is a dancer and Joey's roommate during part of Season 6. Joey briefly dates her, but they break up because Janine does not get along with Chandler and Monica. 3. **Rachel Green**: Rachel moves in with Joey in Season 6 after her apartment is destroyed by a fire. She continues to live with Joey until Season 10 when Ross and Rachel inadvertently agree to be together. 4. **Eddie Menuek**: Eddie, played by Adam Goldberg, is notable for being Joey’s roommate briefly in Season 2 when Joey and Chandler have a falling out. He is characterized as being a bit odd and even creepy, and his tenure as Joey's roommate is short-lived. It’s worth noting, a vast majority of the series Joey's roommate is Chandler, and their friendship is central to many of the show's storylines and humor. This dynamic added a specific flavor to the show which made it even more memorable. I hope this information helps! Stay tuned to our site for more great answers to your questions about "Friends" and other shows.
Answered on September 11, 2023.
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