RE: Who does Michael Scott end up with in The Office?

Michael Scott's love life in The Office is quite tumultuous. Who does he ultimately end up with and when do we find out?

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Michael Scott, the exuberant and quirky regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, ends up with Holly Flax. Holly is introduced as a temporary HR representative for Dunder Mifflin. She is a bright, kind, and funny person whom Michael falls for almost immediately due to their shared sense of humor and identical personalities. Their relationship experiences ups and downs due to different challenges like long-distance relationships and Holly's unavailability due to her initial relationship with AJ. However, they ultimately reconcile in Season 7 when Holly broke off her relationship with AJ. In the Season 7 episode "Garage Sale," Michael proposes to Holly in a very "Michael Scott" way—filling the office with burning candles and getting each staff member to propose to her with him, leading to a fire sprinkler fiasco. Of course, she says yes! We ultimately learn that Michael Scott and Holly Flax get married and move to Colorado (in Holly's words, "for the kids") when Michael departs from the series in Season 7. This is confirmed again in the final season during Dwight and Angela's wedding, where it's mentioned that Michael Scott and Holly have kids and are happily living their life in Colorado. Thus, Michael's story concludes on a high note, in line with his joyfully eccentric character that fans grew to love throughout the series. With this narrative, viewers can learn about the evolution of relationships and the challenges of balancing professional life and personal life shown through the on-and-off relationship of Michael and Holly on The Office. This also depicts how a shared sense of humor and mutual understanding can serve as a strong bond in a relationship.
Answered on September 2, 2023.
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