RE: Who are the main characters in “The Crown”?

I've just started watching "The Crown" (2016–present) and I would like to know who the key characters are and if they are based on real historical figures.

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"The Crown" is a historical drama created and written by Peter Morgan for Netflix. It focuses on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the life of the British Royal Family. The series is, indeed, based on real-life historical figures. Here are some of the key characters: 1. Queen Elizabeth II: Played by Claire Foy (seasons 1-2) and Olivia Colman (seasons 3-4). In season, 5, the Queen will be played by Imelda Staunton. Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne at the age of 25 after the unexpected death of her father, King George VI. 2. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh: Queen Elizabeth II's husband, Philip Mountbatten, is played by Matt Smith (seasons 1-2) and Tobias Menzies (seasons 3-4). He will be portrayed by Jonathan Pryce in the final seasons. The series explores his struggles and adaptations to his role as the consort of the Queen. 3. Princess Margaret: Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister is played by Vanessa Kirby (seasons 1-2) and Helena Bonham Carter (seasons 3-4). Lesley Manville will take over the role in season 5. Her character is often controversial with a turbulent personal life. 4. King George VI: Played by Jared Harris, he appears mostly in flashbacks because he died early on in the series timeline. 5. Winston Churchill: Played by John Lithgow, he played a crucial role as the Prime Minister when Queen Elizabeth II took the throne. 6. Antony Armstrong-Jones: Known as Lord Snowdon after marriage, he’s played by Matthew Goode (seasons 2-3) and Ben Daniels (season 4). He was Princess Margaret's husband. 7. Charles, Prince of Wales: The oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, portrayed by Josh O’Connor (seasons 3-4), the series explores his upbringing, early love life, and relationship with his parents. 8. Princess Diana: Played by Emma Corrin in season 4, the series touches upon her relationship and marriage with Prince Charles, and the problems they faced. These are just a few of the key characters in "The Crown" - the series features many more historical figures throughout its timeline. Furthermore, the cast changes periodically to reflect the aging of these characters, offering a broad perspective on their lives and roles in the British monarchy's narrative.
Answered on October 10, 2023.
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