RE: Who are all the characters in Game of Thrones?

Can anyone provide a comprehensive list of all the significant characters in the Game of Thrones series from 2011-2019?

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Game of Thrones, based on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, has an extensive cast of characters, each with their distinct backstories and complex relationships. Providing a comprehensive list of all characters in this series could be daunting due to its sheer size. However, I can give you summaries of some of the most influential characters: 1. **Eddard Stark "Ned"** - The Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. He is a close friend of King Robert Baratheon. 2. **Catelyn Stark** - Ned's wife, mother to his five children. 3. **Robb Stark** - Eldest son of Ned and Catelyn, assumed Lord of Winterfell. 4. **Sansa Stark** - Elder daughter of Ned and Catelyn, once betrothed to King Joffrey. 5. **Arya Stark** - The rebellious younger daughter of Ned and Catelyn. 6. **Bran Stark** - Second son of Ned and Catelyn, he becomes the Three-Eyed Raven. 7. **Rickon Stark** - Youngest of the Stark children. 8. **Jon Snow** - Ned's alleged illegitimate son, later revealed to be Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen's. 9. **Daenerys Targaryen** - Last surviving child of King Aerys II, known as the "Mother of Dragons." 10. **Tyrion Lannister** - Youngest child of Tywin Lannister, often despised due to his dwarfism. 11. **Jaime Lannister** - Eldest son of Tywin Lannister, known as the "Kingslayer". 12. **Cersei Lannister** - Jaime's twin sister, later becomes the Queen Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms. Supporting families and characters include: - **House Baratheon**: Robert, Stannis, Renly, Gendry, etc. - **House Tyrell**: Margaery, Olenna, Loras, etc. - **House Bolton**: Roose, Ramsay, etc. - **House Greyjoy**: Theon, Yara, Balon, Euron, etc. - **House Tully**: Edmure, Brynden "Blackfish", etc. - **House Martell**: Oberyn, Doran, Ellaria Sand, Sand Snakes, etc. - **House Frey**: Walder Frey and his numerous offspring. - **House Arryn**: Lysa, Robin, etc. - **The Night's Watch** brothers like Samwell Tarly, Jeor Mormont, - **The Free Folk (Wildlings)** like Tormund Giantsbane, Ygritte, etc. - **The White Walkers**, led by the Night King. Other significant characters include Brienne of Tarth, Sandor "The Hound" Clegane, Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, Varys, Jorah Mormont, Daario Naharis, Melisandre, etc. Remember, this list is not exhaustive and does not delve into the nuances of each character’s arc in the series. For an in-depth look at each character, their relationships, and backstory, I would highly recommend reading the books or watching the series.
Answered on September 14, 2023.
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