RE: Which astronauts flew most often with the Space Shuttle?

Would like to know about the astronauts who had the maximum spaceflights in a space shuttle. Any information about their missions would also be appreciated.

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John W. Young and Jerry L. Ross are the two astronauts who have flown the most times with the Space Shuttle. 1. John W. Young: John Young is one of NASA's most experienced astronauts. He flew six space missions in three different programs--more than any other astronaut. Young's first two flights were on the Gemini spacecraft. He then flew two missions to the Moon on the Apollo spacecraft, one of which he walked on the lunar surface. After that, he flew two missions on the Space Shuttle. Among these, he was the Commander of STS-1, which was the first Space Shuttle mission, launched on April 12, 1981. 2. Jerry L. Ross: Jerry Ross is a retired American astronaut who is tied with John W. Young for the record for most spaceflights by a human being. He has a total of seven flights, all of which were on the Space Shuttle. His flights include the STS-61-B (1985), STS-27 (1988), STS-37 (1991), STS-55 (1993), STS-74 (1995), STS-88 (1998), and STS-110 (2002). During his career, Ross was involved in a number of milestones in the Space Shuttle Program, including the first launch of the Space Station assembly missions. 3. An additional mention should be Franklin R. Chang Díaz, who also has flown to space seven times but on different Space Shuttle missions. His missions include STS-61C (1986), STS-34 (1989), STS-46 (1992), STS-60 (1994), STS-75 (1996), STS-91 (1998), and STS-111 (2002). Their dedication and contribution to space exploration have been instrumental in our understanding of space and have pushed the boundaries of human achievement. These astronauts have not only contributed by participating in missions but also leading them, conducting scientific research, and making significant contributions to space technology.
Answered on August 23, 2023.
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