RE: Where can I find all the Gwent cards in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?

I'm a big fan of Gwent. What's the best guide for collecting all the Gwent cards, including locations and any missable cards?

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Collecting all the Gwent cards in "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" is a substantial task that involves multiple quests, vendors, and a good deal of exploring. Here's a comprehensive guide on where to find them: **In-Game Resources:** 1. **Gwent Book**: This in-game item, the 'Miraculous Guide to Gwent', tracks your card collection and provides hints on where to find cards you don't have. It is added via a free DLC. 2. **Quests**: "Collect 'Em All" is the main quest for collecting Gwent cards. Follow this quest to guide your collection journey. **Online Guides:** For detailed information, walkthroughs, and tips for collecting the Gwent cards, various online resources can help. Some notable sources are: 1. **Witcher Wiki**: The fandom Wiki is a comprehensive source for all things related to the Witcher series. It includes detailed lists of where to find each card. 2. **GameFAQs and Steam Community Guides**: These platforms have player-generated guides that can be incredibly detailed and helpful. 3. **Gwent Card Collecting Videos**: Platforms like YouTube have numerous videos where players show how and where to get all the Gwent cards. **Key Tips:** 1. **Early Attention**: Start playing Gwent and collecting cards as early as possible in your playthrough. 2. **Unique Cards**: Various cards can only be won from specific characters or won during certain quests. Make sure to play against every new character you encounter that offers a round of Gwent. 3. **Missable Cards**: Pay attention to cards that can be missed permanently. For example, the Gwent quest in the ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ mission during the Triss storyline in Novigrad features unique cards that can be missed if you don't play during the party. **Special Cards and Locations:** 1. **Decoys and Scorch Cards** can usually be bought from innkeepers or won from various players. 2. **Hero Cards**: These powerful Gwent cards are often rewards from high-stakes Gwent tournaments or won from specific characters in the game. 3. **Northern Realms and Nilfgaardian Empire Faction Cards** are more prevalent and can be found from common merchants and innkeepers throughout the regions. **Missable Cards to Note:** - **Zoltan Chivay**: Win from the scholar at the beginning of the game, in White Orchard's Inn. - **Dandelion & Milva**: Must be won during the High Stakes tournament in Novigrad. - **Foltest, King of Temeria**: Win from Vernon Roche during the quest 'A Dangerous Game' or buy it from a merchant beside the Seven Cats Inn. - **Esterad Thyssen & Menno Coehoorn**: Also, win during the quest 'A Dangerous Game' or buy it from a merchant once the quest is over. Remember to always save your game before playing a round of Gwent against a skilled opponent or entering a tournament. If you lose, you can always reload and try again. Lastly, fans have also built specific Gwent collecting apps and websites that can help track your collection, these can be found with a quick search and might be just the companion you need to complete your collection. Good luck gathering your deck and becoming a master Gwent player!
Answered on June 11, 2024.
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