RE: What’s the best way to use the Protoss race in StarCraft (1998)?

I chose the Protoss race for my gameplay, but I'm struggling to find the best strategy for them. Can someone give me some advice?

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The Protoss race is known for their powerful and expensive units. Their strategy largely revolves around building a small but agile force compared to other races in StarCraft (1998). Here, I can provide a basic guideline to help improve your game as a Protoss player: 1. Resources and Pylons: Begin by sending your probes to mine minerals and build a pylon near the nexus. Pylons are the backbone for Protoss as they supply power to nearby buildings and provide population cap. 2. Build Order: For beginners, a solid build order could be - Pylon > Gateway > Assimilators > Cybernetics Core > Dragoons. This allows a balanced approach between economy and defense, and prepares Dragoons early to fight light-unit rushes. 3. Scouting: Send out a probe early in the game to scout the enemy base. This information gives you an idea about their strategy and helps in choosing yours. Remember to keep scouting throughout the game to make informed decisions. 4. Utilize Shields and Ranged Units: Protoss units are known for their shields and high damage points. Utilize these shields during battles, and make use of ranged units like Dragoons and High Templars. 5. Warfare Tactics: Micro-management is key in StarCraft. Kiting is a successful method where you hit and run enemies. It capitalizes on the range and speed advantages of the Protoss. 6. Expansions and Map Control: Protoss units and buildings are expensive. So, to keep up with the high demands, capturing and defending more resource locations on the map is essential. 7. Tech Up and Unit Composition: As you progress into mid to late game, technological upgrades and a diversified troop composition become essential. Units like High Templars with their Psionic Storm or Carriers with Interceptors can control and dominate the battlefield. Remember that StarCraft is a game of strategy, and there are no fixed or best ways to play. Game styles can vary depending on personal preference or the opponent's strategy. Keep practicing and find a strategy that works best for you. Good luck, Commander!
Answered on September 12, 2023.
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