RE: What Options Do I Have for Creating Custom Levels in Portal 2?

I've recently completed Portal 2 and wanted to create custom levels for more fun. How can I make this happen?

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Creating custom levels on Portal 2 is a great way to extend your enjoyment of the game, test your creativity, and challenge your problem-solving skills. Creating your own levels or test-chambers in Portal 2 can be achieved using the in-built level editor called "PeTI" or the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Here's a brief breakdown on how to use it: 1. **Accessing the PeTI Editor:** Launch Portal 2, then, from the main menu, select Community Test Chambers > Create Test Chambers. This will open the PeTI level editor. 2. **Creating Your Test Chamber:** With PeTI, you can create rooms, add portals, buttons, cubes, turrets, lasers, and more. It's a simple drag-and-drop interface. Click on an element on the palette, then click on the 3D grid to place it. 3. **Testing and Publishing:** When you're happy with your level, you can click the Build and Run button to test it out. If you think it's ready, then you can publish it to the Steam Workshop where other people can play it. Also, for those who want more design freedom beyond the base game's level designer, you can use the Hammer level editor, an advanced mapping tool provided by Valve. This is part of the Source SDK (Software Development Kit) which you can download for free. It provides a more detailed interface for level creation but requires a certain level of understanding of the Source engine to use effectively. By using the Hammer Editor, you can create more intricate designs and puzzles. If you're new to these tools, don't worry, as there are in-depth tutorials available on Steam and various YouTube channels and even on Portal 2's website. Take your time, explore these tools, and soon you'll create amazing custom levels in Portal 2. Remember, the key to a good level is to make it enjoyable and challenging, without making it frustrating or impossible to complete. Happy level creating!
Answered on September 3, 2023.
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