RE: What is the plot and storyline of Avatar (2009)?

I've heard a lot about James Cameron's Avatar (2009), but I'm not clear on the storyline. Can someone provide a summary of the plot?

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Avatar, directed by James Cameron and released in 2009, is a visually magnificent science fiction film with strong environmental themes. It takes place in the mid-22nd century on Pandora, a lush, Earth-like moon of a gas giant in the Alpha Centauri star system. The plot revolves around the exploits of Jake Sully, a paraplegic former U.S. Marine who is selected to participate in the Avatar Program. He's chosen to replace his deceased twin brother who was already trained for the program. In this program, human "drivers" have their consciousness linked to genetically engineered, remotely controlled, artificially grown bodies known as 'avatars'. Avatars resemble the native inhabitants of Pandora known as Na'vi, a sapient humanoid species that are indigenous to Pandora. The aim is to interact and build relations with the Na'vi people for the exploitation of a valuable mineral, Unobtanium, without resorting to force. As Jake navigates through Pandora’s bioluminescent world in his avatar body, he becomes entranced by its beauty and the Na'vi way of life,- particularly a skilled Na'vi female warrior called Neytiri. As he interacts with them, he learns their language, ways of life, holistic connection to nature and becomes part of their tribe. In the process, he falls in love with Neytiri and switches allegiance. The human forces, led by corporate executive Parker Selfridge and Colonel Miles Quaritch, seek to drive away the Na'vi population from a large deposit of Unobtanium. Jake, now part of the Na’vi, defends their world from the impending human assault. The climax of the film is a large-scale battle, during which Jake unifies the various indigenous tribes against the human intruders. The Na’vi, under Jake and Neytiri's leadership, ultimately triumph. Jake decides to permanently transfer his consciousness to his avatar body and becomes a full-time Na’vi. This story is a fusion of ecological consciousness, anti-imperialism themes and an action romance narrative. It is a tale of self-discovery, transformation, and ultimately, it's about doing the right thing even if it involves going against one's own people.
Answered on September 9, 2023.
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