RE: What are the historical inaccuracies in the Narcos TV series?

I wonder what are some of the key historical inaccuracies in the Narcos TV show? How does it differ from the actual events?

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"Narcos" is a popular Netflix series that attempts to chronicle the life of the infamous drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, and the rise of the Medellín Cartel. However, it's important to remember that "Narcos" is a fictional television series first and foremost, and while it takes inspiration from historical events, it incorporates dramatic license to ensure entertainment value. Here are a few key points where the series deviates from actual historical events: 1. The Character of Steve Murphy: In "Narcos", DEA agent Steve Murphy (portrayed by Boyd Holbrook) plays a primary role in the pursuit and eventual takedown of Escobar. However, in real life, this isn't exactly accurate. While Murphy was involved in the hunt for Escobar, his role was significantly less direct than presented in the series. 2. Pablo Escobar's Death: The series portrays Murphy as being present at the death of Pablo Escobar. In reality, Murphy and his partner, Javier Pena, were not present during the operation that resulted in Escobar's death. 3. Valeria Velez Character: The character of Valeria Velez (played by Stephanie Sigman) is based on the real-life figure of Virginia Vallejo, a journalist who had a romantic affair with Escobar. However, the extent of her involvement with the cartel and her fate as depicted in the series are fictionalized. 4. The Bombing of Avianca Flight 203: In the series, Escobar is depicted as masterminding the bombing of Avianca Flight 203 to assassinate presidential candidate Cesar Gaviria. While the bombing did occur in real life, Gaviria wasn't the target. Escobar was attempting to kill an informant on the plane, not Gaviria. 5. Los Pepes: While Los Pepes, a vigilante group that waged a bloody private war against Escobar, is portrayed accurately in some ways, the extent of the notorious group's cooperation with law enforcement and the DEA is embellished in the series. 6. Carillo’s Character: In "Narcos", Colonel Horacio Carrillo is shown as the leader of Search Bloc, a Colombian police task force. However, he is an entirely fictional character, though probably inspired by Colonel Hugo Martinez, who led the Search Bloc. It's crucial to consider these inaccuracies while watching "Narcos". The series provides viewers with a gripping, dramatized perspective of Escobar's life and reign, but is not a perfect reflection of history. Always approach historical dramas with a critical mind and take the opportunity to research the actual events for a more complete understanding.
Answered on September 14, 2023.
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