RE: What are the best episodes of Seinfeld to start with for a new viewer?

I've never watched Seinfeld before but want to start. Which episodes would you recommend for someone new to the series?

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Enjoying Seinfeld, much like any sitcom, largely depends on your personal humor style. However, I'd be happy to recommend some of the best and most iconic episodes that generally represent what the show is popular for. Keep in mind the series is built on standalone stories with recurring themes, so you can watch in any order you please. 1. "The Contest" (Season 4, Episode 11): This episode is one of the most famous and won an Emmy for best writing. It is based on a contest between the main characters about who can abstain from self-gratification the longest. 2. "The Soup Nazi" (Season 7, Episode 6): This episode introduces a character who's become a part of the pop culture lexicon, The Soup Nazi. It beautifully showcases Seinfeld’s strength - taking mundane life experiences and situations to hilarious extremes. 3. "The Marine Biologist" (Season 5, Episode 14): This episode showcases George at his best (or worst) and has one of the most memorable monologues in the series. 4. "The Yada Yada" (Season 8, Episode 19): The episode addresses how people tend to gloss over important details by stating "yada yada yada." Here, you get another glimpse of Seinfeld’s unique observational humor. 5. "The Junior Mint" (Season 4, Episode 20): This episode has an absurd premise that again showcases the classic Seinfeld approach to storytelling. Before you begin, be aware that like many sitcoms, Seinfeld took a little while to find its footing (the first two seasons were considered more 'setup' than 'classic Seinfeld'). The humor thrives on the development and ridiculousness of its characters, so give yourself some time to get to know them. Whether you watch the entire series chronologically or opt to select specific episodes, Seinfeld offers a unique humor that has truly stood the test of time. Happy viewing!
Answered on September 3, 2023.
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