RE: What are some strategies for winning as a crewmate in Among Us?

I find it hard to complete tasks without getting eliminated by the impostor. What should I look for to identify impostors and what strategies can I use to survive and win the game as a crewmate?

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Sure, winning as a crewmate in Among Us can be tricky, especially when you're not sure who to trust. Here are some strategies that might help you out: 1. **Clear Visual Tasks**: Some tasks in Among Us have visible animations that only occur when a crewmate completes them. If you complete a visual task in front of another crewmate, they can confirm that you're not the Impostor. On maps where visual tasks are available, these tasks include the medbay scan, trash chute/empty garbage, and weapons (shooting asteroids). 2. **Grouping**: Sticking with other crewmates is a simple and effective strategy to avoid getting killed by the Impostor. You're less likely to be killed when in a group, and if an Impostor does try something, there'll be witnesses. Be mindful that this strategy might not work against more experienced Impostors who can divert, kill, and blend. 3. **Keeping Track**: Remember where everyone is and what they were doing. If a body is reported, you’ll be able to recall who was in the vicinity of the kill or vouch for those who clearly were nowhere near the body. 4. **Use Cameras and Admin Map**: Some rooms have cameras and others have an admin map. The camera shows live footage of certain corridors and the admin map shows where everyone is. Use these to your advantage. 5. **Emergency Meetings**: They are not only for voting out Impostors. You can use them to share any important evidence or suspicion you might have. 6. **Sussing out the Impostor**: While at meetings, pay attention to the behavior of others. Did someone vote too quickly? Is someone following others very closely? Did an individual fail a common task? 7. **Complete Tasks**: Winning isn’t about survival alone. Make sure you’re racing through those tasks, even when you’re a ghost. Remember that in the end, Among Us is a game of deception and communication, so your ability to convince other players can be just as important as completing tasks and identifying the Impostor. Good luck, and may you be victorious in your games!
Answered on October 9, 2023.
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