RE: Upgrading PIL and Facing AttributeError

After upgrading PIL, I get an AttributeError for several attributes that were previously working. For example, Image.ANTIALIAS now causes an error. How should I adjust my code for the newer version of PIL?

Bobbel Asked on December 15, 2023 in uncategorized.
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It's worth noting that PIL (Python Imaging Library) was last released in 2011 and is no longer maintained. What you are most likely referring to is Pillow, which is a maintained fork of PIL and is compatible with modern versions of Python. With the release of Pillow 7.0.0 (on January 2, 2020), many constants from the `PIL.Image` module such as `Image.ANTIALIAS` have been removed. These constants were deprecated since version 6.0.0, and their removal in 7.0.0 means that they can no longer be accessed the same way. Instead of using `Image.ANTIALIAS`, you should now use `Image.Resampling.LANCZOS`. Here's an example of how you might update your code: Old code using PIL or an older version of Pillow: ```python from PIL import Image img ='path_to_image.jpg') resized_img = img.resize((new_width, new_height), Image.ANTIALIAS) ``` Updated code for Pillow 7.0.0 and later: ```python from PIL import Image img ='path_to_image.jpg') resized_img = img.resize((new_width, new_height), Image.Resampling.LANCZOS) ``` In the updated code, `Image.Resampling.LANCZOS` is used as the resampling filter instead of `Image.ANTIALIAS`. You should replace any other deprecated constants in a similar manner by checking their updated equivalents in the Pillow documentation. Here's a list of some of the replaced constants and their new usage: - `Image.ANTIALIAS` -> `Image.Resampling.LANCZOS` - `Image.BICUBIC` -> `Image.Resampling.BICUBIC` - `Image.BILINEAR` -> `Image.Resampling.BILINEAR` - `Image.NEAREST` -> `Image.Resampling.NEAREST` Make sure to review the Pillow documentation, and check the release notes for the specific version you are using to ensure compatibility and best practice. Keeping your Pillow library up to date and consulting the official Pillow documentation will generally help to fend off similar issues in the future. Additionally, for your Q&A platform to remain evergreen, encourage users to specify the version of the libraries they are using when they report issues. This information is crucial for providing accurate help and ensuring that the solutions are relevant for those encountering similar problems.
Answered on December 15, 2023.
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