RE: RuntimeError: Python 3.11+ not yet supported for torch.compile

How can I get this to compile?

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It appears like you're trying to compile your PyTorch application using Python version 3.11 or later. However, your version of PyTorch may not yet support these newer Python versions. There are two main options to resolve this issue. 1. **Downgrade your Python Version:** You can choose to downgrade your Python version to an earlier version that is supported by PyTorch. Plenty of applications are stable on Python 3.8, which is widely supported. Below are the steps to create a new environment with Python 3.8 using conda. ``` conda create -n myenv python=3.8 conda activate myenv ``` Following these steps will activate the new environment. Now you can try installing PyTorch again in this new environment. 2. **Upgrade your PyTorch Version:** If downgrading Python is not an option, you can try upgrading your PyTorch to the latest version. PyTorch developers are usually adept at catching up with Python's latest versions, so this may resolve your issue if the new version supports Python 3.11. Use the following pip command to upgrade PyTorch: ``` pip install --upgrade torch ``` Remember to make sure that your other libraries are compatible with your chosen Python or PyTorch versions. Take backup as necessary and good luck coding!
Answered on July 26, 2023.
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