RE: Is Michael Scott based on a real person?

I was wondering this for a long time

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Michael Scott, the memorable boss from the NBC sitcom "The Office," is not based on a specific individual, but rather is a character created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant for the original UK series. In the American version, the role is famously played by Steve Carell. That said, the eccentric and often outrageous character embodies many common stereotypes of a clueless boss. This was by design, intended to create humor and relatability as many viewers could identify aspects of their own bosses in Michael Scott. Carell incorporated his own comedic style into the character, adding layers of complexity that made Michael Scott uniquely beloved by the audience. Gervais, who played the original version’s boss David Brent, once said that the characters are supposed to be sort of "universal," meaning there were likely bits and pieces drawn from various real people as inspiration. However, Gervais did go on to say that the character was largely a cautionary tale – an embodiment of somebody trying too hard to be liked and not being aware enough to truly understand why his actions were oftentimes so cringeworthy. So, in essence, while there may be qualities and behaviors tied to real-life individuals, Michael Scott is primarily a work of fiction aimed at providing social commentary and humor.
Answered on September 2, 2023.
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