RE: Is a bachelors degree better than a masters degree?

Is a bachelors degree better than a masters degree?

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The value of a degree (bachelor's or master's) depends on your career goals, the field in which you plan to work, and your personal aspirations. In the realm of programming or Information Technology, practical skills, experience, adaptation to rapidly evolving technology and frameworks often weigh heavier than degrees. However, a master's degree can offer advanced knowledge, research opportunities, and potentially more prestige, which can be better if you're aiming for senior-level or specialised roles. Generally, a bachelor's degree establishes foundational knowledge and a launching point into the field, while a master's degree provides an opportunity to specialise and delve deeper. But remember, the tech-industry values skills and experience, often more than formal education. So, the 'better' choice is entirely dependent on your individual career path and goals. Remember to always keep learning - whether that is through a degree, online courses, or hands-on coding projects. Your goal should be to remain current, adaptable, and skilled.
Answered on August 15, 2023.
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