RE: How to unlock all weapons in Grand Theft Auto V?

I'm finding it hard to unlock all the weapons in GTA V. Can anyone provide me with tips or guides?

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Sure, I'd be glad to help! To unlock all the weapons in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), you need to progress through the game. Each weapon becomes available after certain missions and they're typically introduced as part of the storyline. Here's a general guide: 1. **Story Mode**: Most weapons are unlocked in Story mode as you progress through the game, by completing certain missions or reaching certain in-game milestones. 2. **Ammu-Nation Stores**: After unlocking them as per above, you can purchase these weapons from the Ammu-Nation stores scattered across the map. 3. **Hidden Locations**: Some weapons can be found in hidden places across the GTA world. These are usually special weapons and often free to grab. 4. **Police**: You can also pick up weapons dropped by police or other enemies after defeating them. 5. **Cheats**: Cheats can potentially unlock all weapons, however it's important to note that enabling cheats disables achievements/trophies for that play session. So if getting achievements/trophies matter to you, you might want to refrain from using cheats. As an additional note, in GTA Online, weapons become available as you level up. Different guns unlock at different levels so as you progress and earn more reputation (RP), you'll be able to buy more weapons from the Ammu-nation stores. Please note that some weapons are story or special event exclusive and might not be obtainable after missing their specific circumstances (like the Railgun). Always remember to equip a good arsenal of weapons suited to your style of play. Exploration, progression and experimentation are key in GTA V's large and interactive world. Happy gaming!
Answered on September 15, 2023.
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