RE: How to undo the last commit in Git?

I mistakenly committed some changes that were not ready. Is there a way I can undo the last commit in Git? I would appreciate a detailed guide on how to do this.

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Yes, there's a simple command in Git to undo the last commit: ```bash git reset --soft HEAD~1 ``` This command will move your HEAD pointer back by one commit (thus the last commit), but leave your files as they were before the undo. This way, it looks like the commit never happened, but you can commit again when you're ready, and your files will be as they were before. - `--soft` option will keep your files and your index. - `HEAD~1` means the commit before head. Remember: If you want to completely discard changes introduced by unwanted commit, use `--hard` instead of `--soft`. However, be careful this will permanently destroy your changes. ```bash git reset --hard HEAD~1 ``` Make sure you have no uncommitted changes before running this command as it will delete permanently these changes.
Answered on August 3, 2023.
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