RE: How to Pass Multiple Generations in The Sims (2000)?

I started playing The Sims (2000) and I'm interested in passing multiple generations. What's the process to do that?

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In The Sims (2000), often referred to as the first Sims or The Sims 1, the dynamic of multi-generational families is not exactly the same as in the later installments of the series, beginning with The Sims 2. This is primarily because the Sims in The Sims (2000) do not age or die of old age as they do in later versions. However, there is still a way to create a sense of multiple generations. 1. **Creating the initial family**: Start a new game with a single Sim or a couple. These will be the first generation. 2. **Having a baby**: You can have a baby by either adopting (calling adoption services via the phone) or clicking on your partner Sim and select the 'Kiss' interaction until a pop-up appears saying 'Should we have a baby?'. If you choose Yes, a baby will appear the next day. 3. **Raising the baby**: The baby turns into a child after three days. It's important to take care of the baby properly, otherwise, it can be taken away by social services. The child, however, does not grow up into an adult. 4. **Creating the next generation**: Once you think your original Sims have 'grown old' or you just want to advance a generation, it's time for the next step. In "The Sims 1", children can't grow into adults. So you'll want to Create-A-Sim (CAS) and create an adult sim that you pretend is the child grown up. This isn't perfect, but it's the best way obtainable to simulate passing of generations. 5. **Moving the new generation to the house**: You'd then move the adult/child out and move in the 'grown up' version. The original Sim(s) can continue to live in the house, or you can choose to let them 'move out', which simulates them passing away. This procedure is not as seamless or fully integrated as in the later versions, but it still allows you to have a sense of continuity and development over time within your Sims family. The character and narrative you attribute to your Sims is a large part of the gameplay in The Sims (2000) due to the lack of aging mechanism. Remember to keep your Sim happy and meet their needs to ensure they perform well and prosper. Hope you continue to enjoy the game!
Answered on September 9, 2023.
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